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Smart Mattress Pad

  • Smart Mattress Pad
    MOORING is a smart system that monitors and analyzes your sleep health data (heart rate/ breath rate/ body movements), and then optimizing your sleep quality to the best trough intelligent adjustment.
    How does temperature affect our sleep?
     Even a change of 3 degrees in temperature will cause 20% change in sleep quality.
     Different people have different needs for temperature.  Different sleep stages need different ideal temperature.
    Thus explain why
    Many people kick off their quilts during sleeping. Girls can’t stand coldness and air conditioner.
    Electric heating pad is comfortable when falling asleep, but too hot at mid night.
    How does MOORING know best sleep condition for you?
    Sleep cycle has four stages: falling asleep, light sleep, deep sleep and REM; and each stage needs different ideal condition.
    MOORING monitors your sleep status by the embedded PP film Sensor. MOORING also has sophisticated algorithms, which can tell whether you feel cold or hot during sleep.
    What can MOORING do for your sleep?
    Eight Features
    Smart Mattress Pad
    Falling sleeping:
    The periodical changes of our bodies occur in specific conditions. The change of external temperature exerts great influence on bio clock. MOORING helps users to fall asleep by adjusting the temperature.
    Deep sleep:
    After you fall asleep, MOORING will adjust to the ideal temperature to extend the time of deep sleep.
    Wake up: MOORING will raise the temperature
    gradually to help wake you up after a sound sleep effortlessly.
    How does MOORING optimize your sleep?
    MOORING creates the ideal conditions to fit your body’s sleep cycle. It adjusts the temperature intelligently according to your individual information, like gender, age and weight. Then you can fall asleep and wake up with ease at the best temperature for your body.
    MOORING is a smart system that monitors and analyzes your sleep health data (heart rate/ breath rate/ body movements), and then optimizing your sleep quality to the best trough intelligent adjustment.
    Separate controlling of two parts
    MOORING provides different temperature for you and your partner according to your own preference.
    Separate controlling of different part of the body
    There is a humanization distribution of heating film based on the needs for each part of human body. This could avoid uncomfortable sleeping phenomena such as cold feet or too warm head.
    MOORING sensors monitor the most important room conditions, ambient temperatures, humidity, noise and light levels, as well as sleep cycle, heart rate and breathing rate. No wearable technology, only one MOORING. MOORING tracks and gives feedback to your sleep like a family doctor in your bedroom.
    Smart Mattress Pad
    MOORING is seamless, and you’ll never notice that you have the most innovative sleep technology right beneath your body. Through our out-of-sight technology, you’ll get the most revolutionary sleep.
    MOORING’s user-friendly interface provides you with in-depth sleep and environment analysis. You can also remotely control the MOORING mattress pad or set the alarm time.
    The MOORING app automatically records and saves your unique sleep profile on your phone. You can also know the sleep data of your family, thus know whether your family members have health risk.
    By gradually increasing the temperature, MOORING initiates the light sleep phase. Vibrations follow shortly before your alarm time, allowing you to wake up comfortable and refreshed.
    MOORING can also be connected with the air-conditioner. In this way, the room temperature is adjusted simultaneously by your physical conditions, keeping the room temperature always ideal for whole night sleep.
    Your bed is always cold and wet in damp weather. The more appeared germs and mite would lead to many skin problems. Auto-drying
    would be turned on when MOORING detect the AUTO-DRYING humidity is above health level, thus keeping
    you away from wet bed and skin problems.
    MOORING knows that sharing a bed with your partner is not always easy. By providing dual temperature monitoring and control, MOORING matches different sleep patterns giving you the freedom to have it your way.
    How does it work?
    The MIRAHOME team has developed innovative tracking and heating technology, which is the core of the MOORING Mattress Pad. Safe and seamless, you won’t even know it’s there.
    Fabric layer:ultra soft eco-textile fabrics, skin-friendly, breathable, and textured.
    Comfortable layer: 3D-fibrefill ten-hole non-woven cotton layer, soft and cozy stuff evenly distributed, breathable, fine quilting.
    Matrix Temperature Monitoring System:High accuracy bed temperature perception lower than 40 when anyone on the bed, avoid Cryogenic burns.
    Sliver Fabric Heating Layer: Extremely durable silver fiber textile, only 0.004inch (0.1mm) thick. Powered with 19V DC low voltage without radiation, safety waterproof and never bending.
    Touch-Sense Film:Revolutionary 0.016in-ch(0.4mm) electret foil capable of detecting heart and breathing rate, as well as body movements.

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