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PEGASI Smart sleep glasses

PEGASI Smart sleep glasses

    Main Function
    IMPROVING SLEEP QUALITY:Shortening the time needed to fall asleep,and increasing the amouunt of deep sleep
    ADJUSUTING  JET  LAG:Eliminating jetlag symptoms for easy international travel

    What problems can the PEGASI smart glasses help you to solve?

    Planning your biological clock scientifically, bring you better sleep
    Handle the jet lag problem, ensure your relaxed trip
    Keep you refreshing in the day, enhance working efficiency
    Improve Blue symptom, comes along with good mood
    Perfect facial skin, enjoy healthy life

    Use before and after contrast



     In 2002, the scientist in Brown University found that there were third kind ipRGC in human’s eyes, this kind cell can receive light signal and project to the Biological regulator(SCN) of the brain, and control the conarium to adjust the secretion level of melatonin by SCN, so that to help human to adjust the biological rhythm of the day and night.

    Aerospace special environment application
    Lancet Neurology magazine published a report about the sleep mode of the spaceman during the short time and long time, it will effect they to execute the task as sleep insuffience, through the optics adjust, the spaceman still can have normal and healthy sleep patterns and get high sleep quality.

    NASA experimental proof
    Optics adjust can effect the concentration of human melatonin
    In 2012,NASA have done some experiments in ISS and Kennedy ground control center to test if the optics adjust can effect the human vision, movement and the concentration of melatonin in the blood, the experiment results proved that the light have extremely strong restrain effect of the melatonin secretion, but will not take any effect to the vision and movement.(Brainard et al.,Acta Astronautica 2013) melatonin is a kind of Psychopathic hormone which is secreted by the conarium, it have Sedation and induce sleep function and is called Physiological soporific.

    routine use and set

      •Double touch the switch button to turn on the Glass
      •Double touch the switch button to turn off the Glas
      mark: the working time of PEGASI glass is set 25minutes,after program finish, it will turn off automatic, to ensure the effect, we suggest not to     interrupt the adjust program in general case.
      setting method                            
      •Use PEGASI Smart Sleep Glass APP connected by Bluetooth 4.0,you can make the system setting of the PEGASI         Glass, adjust program         choose and detect the adjust effect etc.

      •Please do not close your eyes while using PEGASI Glass
      •Using PEGASI Glass do not effect reading, working or other routine movement.
      •You can put PEGASI glass on your glasses if you don’t want to take off them,
      •But you need to ensure that your glasses do not obstruct the light from PEGASI Glass.
      •Please do not use PEGASI Glass while you are wearing a colorful or brown glasses.
      •For safety, Please do not use PEGASI Glass while charging.
      •For driving safety, Please do not use PEGASI Glass while driving at night, you can use it after park your car.
    safety instruction
    •PEGASI Glass is not suitable for people under 13 years old.
    •IF your have eyes disease such as cataract, glaucoma, retinene or had serious eyes surgery •before, please consult your eye-doctor before using PEGASI Glass.
    Case: PC+ABS
    Power: built-in rechargeable li-polymer battery,3.7V
    Light source: solid-state light-emitting component with customized waveband 


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