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Sleep better , Drug-free

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glass has combined the ergonomics and good materials together, done many experiment and optimizing. Unique fashion design can ensure your use in different situation even when you wear a glasses.


<p>PEGASI Glasses is world first “closed-loop” sleep quality optimization product of Shenzhen Qianhai Icecold IT Co., Ltd. It is based on the newest light therapy to adjust the secretion level of melatonin by SCN, so that to help human to adjust the biological rhythm.Using PEGASI Glasses only 30minutes everyday can sleep-disorder people to solve insomnia,dreamness,early wakening,jet lag and so on. By analysis of big data from different human groups on......


PEGASI APP record sleep status, adjust sleep cycle, develop healthy living clock


These New High-Tech Glasses Could Bring Relief to Insomnia Sufferers

Could sleepless nights for insomnia sufferers come to an end? According to one tech company out of China, the a ...

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